Send me picture
I need a picture
Of you to satisfy this urge

I need your distraction
Major protection
I need protection from myself
Cause I can just hit me
Why don't you hit me
And I like you but no one else

Won't you come over to my house
Bet I would miss if you come out
I think i'm out again in again

You're contagious
With all your sickness
Frustrated and i'm sick with you

Call me crazy, kamikaze
I got nothing to prove to myself
I have a reason, for all this confusion

I had a dream we were making out
I wanna kiss you
I hope it wont piss you off
These words never left my mind

I'm biting my tounge so I can't tell
Put in your fingers and pull it all out
My teeth are torn by obsession

Your contagious
With all your sickness
Frustrated in this condition
Feel my knees knock
Cause I'm addicted
Your contagious
And I'm sick with you

Cut open wide open
I'm so glad I want to scream out loud
You're contagious with all your sickenss
Frustrated in this conditon
Hear my knees knock cause I'm addicted
You're contagious and I'm sick with you

Contagious and I'm sick with you [3x]

Uh huh
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Sick With You Lyrics

Gob – Sick With You Lyrics

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