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Heaven's Crumbling Walls Of Pity Lyrics

Goatwhore – Heaven's Crumbling Walls Of Pity Lyrics

Expulsion of this faith, feeding the void with this death
Opening the inferno's mouth, harvesting from the reapers field

Streaming blackness in the ravage of these golden sermons
Talons of the serpent tearing the sky into raining wounds

Creeping fear into the spine of a lacerated heaven
Lechery starts this corruption in the veins of god

Rising genesis of torment will summon this destruction
Scorned in bitter wrath, violence in the hands of perdition

What kind of heaven have you shown us?
Lined with golden walls to cover the pity beneath
Symbolism of light to blind our eyes from truth

Constricting rage around this vanity inside righteous deceit
Poison this well mercy, bleeding the dark from destroyed light

What kind of heaven heave you promised us?
Filled with the song from a choir of lies
Begging in prayer to absolve us, shackled to this invention of faith

Condemn the shame of heaven, depravity of evolution
A weakness that infests the spine of virtue
Penetrate this regime of pity, drained of all compassion
Emptiness now plagues the promise of eternal fate

Lord of emitting dark blaze, total disaster prevails
Destroy this burden of divine remorse
Final embrace of desire, revealing this lust for revenge
Stoking the embers of this burning empire
At the edge of light, expanding into black realms
Unleash the savage nature burning in primeval flames
Extinction of order, growing wings of rebellion
Soar the darkness that conquers this throne
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