Armies march in shining splendour
Sound the call of blood and fire
Led by Britannia's defender
They raise against the Roman Empire

Boudicca, Witch Queen of England
As thy groom I'll walk with thee

Her daughters raped by the invaders
Her family put to the sword
Groves defiled by Roman raiders
Now she holds her vengeful court

Boudicca, Witch Queen of England
I'm your King for seven years

Horned Hunter, be our saviour
The Roman Eagle is soaring high into the sky
Walk proud in Andraste's favour
Save our land from being devoured by fire

At the thrice-damned town of London
Druid's wrath is soon unleashed
Blazing fires stain the horizon
The scythe of death reaps man and beast

Boudicca, Witch Queen of England
As God and Goddess we unite

Riding on a bloodstained chariot
Drawn by two enormous steeds
She's the daughter of the Horned God
Squashes Rome's might neath her feet

Boudicca, Witch Queen of England
In Andraste's name we fight

As thy husband I will honour thee
I've sworn my oath at Beltane's fire
To defend my land for the next seven years
Before I bow my head to die
All invaders shall now witness me
As I wield the Sun God's spear
Next to my Witch Queen I'll ride
Watching Rome's legions shake with fear
Witness the glory of Boudicca's triumph!
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Boudicca's Triumph Lyrics

Goat Of Mendes – Boudicca's Triumph Lyrics