(Jane Wiedlin/Kathy Valentine)
Walking around it's clear
I'm worlds away
Thinking with only half my mind
Found myself wanting
To be asleep
To be sleeping
To be dreaming
To be worlds away
Slip into bed the sheets are
Cold and smooth
My tension melts to a quiet warm
Find myself waiting
To be sleeping
To be dreaming
To be worlds away
I wanna be worlds away
Apart from the day to day
I know I'll be okay
When I get worlds away
Worlds away
Worlds away
Slipping away to somewhere
In my heart
Go to a world where no one's been before
That's when I find myself
Not quite sleeping
But still dreaming
And I'm worlds away
Eric Wincentsen "Telephone call for Dr. Paradox..."
267@ef. Gc. Maricopa. Edu -Dread Zeppelin, "Jungle Boogie"
Glendale Community College,
Glendale, Arizona "Hug the world and sit on it's face!"
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Worlds Away Lyrics

The Go-Go's – Worlds Away Lyrics

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