Passion, versus rationality
Where's the tipping point between
Fire and complacency?

It's too shallow to swim
In a weak stream of consciousness.
Molecular vibrations
Yearning for resonance

Waiver on the precipice,
Border on impetuous
The only thing that's missing is the catalyst.

We all think,
In the same language
From synapse to synapse
(The message relays)
But transmissions delayed
And reception is fading away.
(This impending emptiness will consume more day by day)
The world could use,
A frequency change.

Intuition fighting intellect,
Forcing misanthropic disconnect.
Suffering from cognitive dissonance.

Take a chance on primal urge,
Radiate what you require in return.
Then you've become the catalyst.

We've immediate necessity
For an incendiary impetus to save us from
Witnessing, the fall of our society to,
Cerebral atrophy.

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The Catalyst Lyrics

Go For Launch – The Catalyst Lyrics