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Fred Meyers Lyrics

Glen Phillips – Fred Meyers Lyrics

I want to see you some time
Come find me, I'll be home
Just between the Costco
And the Barnes and Noble
Behind the mom and pop grocery
That shut down in the 90's
Like all the other locals
They smashed the dreams of the hopeful

I'm getting off track, sorry
It's like I said, right in there
There was a Fredrick Meyers
Sold everything from fruit to tires
Check in with the doorman
An old biker named Slim
Just say you're here to see me
Don't forget to tip him

One hand must wash the other
Each man must be a brother
Band up and take cover

We'll go dancing, set fires,
Tag buildings, slash tires,
Drive go-carts like Shriners
Or just hang out at Fred Meyers

Bring a lantern with you
It gets dark in places
Go up the escalator
To the section that was kids' wear
I'm at the back wall left side
Under a sign says Levis
Top bunk, second row
If I'm not in right then
Ask around, somebody'll know
'Cause everybody knows me


We'll go out babe, skateboarding
Go looting, food hoarding
Whatever you desire
We can just stay in my bed at Fred Meyers


We'll go out, babe, drink moonshine
Tip rubble on the East Side
Dig deep holes to China
Or we could just stay in my bed at Fred Meyers
Why don't we just stay in my bed a Fred Meyers
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Songwriters: GLEN PHILLIPS

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