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Easier Lyrics

Glen Phillips – Easier Lyrics

I am the son of a soap opera town
Mayberry rebel, a middle class clown
You were the backflip, doe eyed
Tree climbing angel from heaven who finally came down

I never thought that I could be
Getting my grey hair with you beside me
And it's something I'm blind to
But you still see

But it couldn't be better, I know
And it shouldn't be easier
I should just stop waiting for the other boot to fall

I wanna be the toy in your cereal box
I wanna be Carter at your peace talks
I wanna get almost too familliar
But still notice the way that you walk

And if you said you were going away
I would run on the tarmac
And I would lay down in front of the plane
Just to get you to stay


I've got everything I've ever wanted here
Everything and damn this constant fear
I'm sure I'm gonna lose it all
Just waiting for the other boot for fall

And if you thought I could be replaced
I wouldn't just stop with an ear
I would cut off my whole fucking face
Just to make my point clear


The other boot to fall
Waiting for the other boot to fall
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Songwriters: GLEN PHILLIPS

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