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Animal Heart Lyrics

Glass Tiger – Animal Heart Lyrics

Just as the daytime turns into nighttime,
I know that I can turn to you.
And as the river runs to the ocean,
I know that I can run to you.
Just like the rich man needs lots of money,
Listen, woman, I need you.
Just like a hunter stalks the hunted
In a jungle of lust. It's true...

I've got an animal heart when I see you.
(Animal heart.) I'll do anything you want me to.
I've got an animal heart.
This love for you never changes (no, no).

Pressure's rising. I see your eyes and
I know that the "game" is you.
You keep me running, but I'm still coming.
Oh, lover, do the things you do.
Oh, with a young heart, well, I'm never lonely,
Oh, but listen, woman, I need you.
My heart is aching. My body's shaking.
Oh, but one thing that I know is true...


(Repeat chorus twice after instrumental)

(Ad lib to end)
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Songwriters: Al Connelly, Alan Graham Frew, Larry Dvoskin
Animal Heart lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Red Brick Music Publishing, OLE MEDIA MANAGEMENT LP

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