Why don't you go make yourself
Yeah, why don't I?
There's something missing

Hey Mr. Tough
Mr. Baby
Anyway you want it
(Make it stick)

Like candy
This baby's bone dry
Some say...

Shit just don't arrive
Some things just don't arrive
Some hits just don't arrive
(Yeah, here we go)

'Cause rockets are red
Rockets are red
Babies are blue

How do you feel?
And how do you feel?
What kind of question is that?

Every goddamn time
It's the same
Every goddamn time

At the top we spin
It don't mean nothing
At the top we spin
(Just to feel a lil' bit more alive)

What to expect
Something different?
What do you expect

Where's all the babies gone?
Have a look she says
"I'm not crazy
(but I'm trying)"
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Rockets Are Red Lyrics

Girls Against Boys – Rockets Are Red Lyrics