Ginuwine (Talking):
Wanna ride tonight Wanna ride tonight.
Wanna freak tonight Wanna freak tonight...

The time is cool
1st Verse:
Whatcha gonna do
The bachelor
The mood is right
Is calling you yeah
And the song you like
With the fireside

Baby just relax let the atmosphere take over you
With your favorite wine
Keep it in your mind that I'm here to do what you want me to do
Ain't no need to rush 'cause the both of us could go all night

Girl let go and I'll, do you
All nite, and All day
I wanna love you, in every way
Tonight, I wanna play
I can love you baby girl if you stay with me all night

Doing all I can and all you like just to let you know
I got what you need so if you wanna get
2nd Verse:
Freaky you should be with me girl
Baby I'll take care of you, I'll do it nice & slow I can
Feel the heat
When our bodies said I wanna make love tonight
Baby I just wanna do you right
Top down with the sounds pumped loud, bodies rollin' round
As we noth go downtown
Tell me can we take a ride tonight
That's what I like, and it feels so right
Baby open wide, and take it all night
I'll do you right And all I know is that I gotta have you
I'll treat you right, I'll treat you right if you come to me oh come to me
Chorus till fade
(Up and down till you leak... Us G's like to freak (See us G's like it wild, and I can make you smile all night)
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All Night All Day Lyrics

Ginuwine – All Night All Day Lyrics