TOO (and not....TO in 2nd. line)
I've capitalized the errors.

BARE (and not..... bear in 2nd verse, 2nd line)

Where am I going
Have I gone TOO far
Have I lost my mind
Where are my eyes
Oh have I seen to much
Have I lost my touch
Losing directions from growing infections
Poisoned desires of reaping life so young

What will I be like
When my head is BARE
And my legs are weak
Will I be strong or barely keep alive
When I'm thirty-five
Reaching dimentions that shatter conventions
Leads me to fear that I'm growing old too soon

With every step and every breath
It's farther from youth and closer to death
And that things I've realized
Now beckon me to shut my eyes
And I will grow to the age of maybe eighty years
In such little time
With this venturous mind


What am I saying
Don't I know myself from experience
I'll never change
Nor cease to sail the sky
Till the day I die
I'll come to conclusion with fear or illusion
I'll live how I feel
Cause no matter how fast or how slow
Youth will go
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Where Am I Going Lyrics

Gino Vannelli – Where Am I Going Lyrics

Songwriters: GINO VANNELLI
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