I can't wait all my life
For you to come home and sit by my side
In this time I want you to stay

I have paid all the price
And now I know I've got nothing to hide
All my life I can sacrifice

Since the day that you left
I just can't help myself but kneel and cry
Wishing you there with me to find what we could be
All my life I have thought
That I was strong and I could reach the sky without you
Can't begin to try... To try

All the pain and the rain
Would turn to joy and sunshine once you say
You and I would be on our way

Just a thought that someday
You'll be back my joy with spring so high
Coz with you I see love so bright... Ohh

Chorus 2:
How I wish that you're kiss
Would be just mine forever with your arms
Hugging me again so close to you
Now I pray everyday
For God to lead you here back to me
With this wings we can fly away

(Repeat Chorus 1)

I can't wait... Ohh baby I can't wait... Ohhh
I can't wait... Baby Ohh

(Repeat Chorus 2)
Away... I can't wait
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I Can't Wait Lyrics

Gino Padilla – I Can't Wait Lyrics