I'm the junky and the flunky with the dragon chasing monkey
Always got him by my side
Steamboat Willie acting silly, getting chilly, missing Billy
'Cuz he won't pick me up for a ride
Started bakin' and a cakin', up some rattlesnake bacon
For the trip to old Slappy's farm
Started blinkin', I was sinkin', had a cup of tea with Lincoln
With the monkey yankin' on my arm

Watchman, comin' down the street,
Come on, walk with me
No need for no money
Don't try nothin' funny
Where we're going it sure don't matter
Gonna get your whole mind set to shatter
Follow the funk

I couldn't handle, lit a candle, turned out to be a sandal
I apologize to that man
I couldn't deal, I turned the wheel, Towards Oklahoma Steel
And I told them my name was Dan
I met Timmy and Dimmy, they kicked me in the jimmy
And told me to leave this place
Hit a bowl with a troll, he stole, from Paula Cola
Who was quick to reach for the mace


Getting' weary, eye's were teary, that's when Timothy Leary
Told me 8 more hours to go
I sat down, like a clown, dressed in all brown
Hip deep buried in snow
Fell asleep in a manger, with a stranger, named Danger
Said he'd take me to the top
He moaned for the tones spit out by Elvin Jones
'Til I found out he was a cop

Chorus, extended
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Follow The Funk Lyrics

Gino Matteo – Follow The Funk Lyrics