I used to see the world in black and white
Now I find myself lost in a fog of grey
I thought the good guys always won the fight
But I've learned life simply doesn't work that way
I once believed if I loved others they would love me, too
But I've seen this isn't always so
I thought that inner peace would come from trusting who I am,
But it's really about trusting who I know

Chorus: So when the winds of change try to blow me over,
And the shadows of confusion hide the truth
I will hope in the One who is forever,
I will run to you
I will run to you

Ever since the moment life began
Humankind has tried to solve it's mysteries
So many things we cannot comprehend
So we draw conclusions that we can believe
Well, I know that your hands have placed the Earth upon the seas
And pitched a tent in the Heavens for the sun
The Author of the universe is the Father who loves me
So only one conlusion can be drawn

When I face the questions that seem to have no answers
And I know my friends are but a precious few
I will hope in the Love that is forever
I will run to you

Though the perils of life seem so great
And hope seems so frail
You never fail, no
Shadows may not disappear
But You've always made it clear
Truth will prevail
You will prevail
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Run To You Lyrics

Ginny Owens – Run To You Lyrics

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