My eyes gone tired and weary
Yeah don't believe ‘coz I am free
My eyes don't need sympathy, O hypocrisy
You all let me be

Verse 1:
Standin’ on the edge and I’m lettin go
It’s a long road to the highway
Lookin’ on down to what feels like yesterday when
Daddy said "Don’t take shit off fools
You gotta live your life the way we had.
‘Coz my son, there's just too many of them bad out there. "

So/’Coz you, you thought you realized
You even said "Never compromise"
Well, damn you and your sanctimonious pride from the sun

Repeat chorus

Guitar solo

Verse 2:
When I came to there were lots of people
Tryin’ to help me up, tryin to make me stand
They had my back and gave me all their care
Don‘t you see that they took sides but they empathize
They still symbolize
You’ll never see ‘coz you’ll never understand

Repeat pre-chorus

Guitar solo

Bridge 1:
We are one

Bridge 2:
It’s hard to take my hand when all this shit is crumblin’ down
Scalded dogs got nothin’ on you

Chorus 2:
My eyes gone tired and weary
But don’t believe ‘Coz I'm still me
My eyes don’t need anythin’, everythin’
You all let me be

Repeat chorus
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Gone Tired Lyrics

Gin Rum & Truth – Gone Tired Lyrics