Can you take a lot of pain
And make a little game
Of the hell that you find
All the space you never gave
For a secret never safe
Get it out of your mind

The past beyond my sight
Ahead in blinding light
That reflects in your eye
The choices that you make
All the memories and mistakes
I only think about it sometimes

This is the last time I'll ever Say
I love you
This is the last night
I fall among these graves
The and last time that I'll
Cry and walk beneath a dark
Lonely sky and wave bye
Bye, bye bye

I could take
The bitter
And wrap
Around your soul
In the light of your lie
All the things we'll never be
They were right in front of me
I can ever deny

A piece You never sold
You only feel a little cold
And slightly undone
The harder part of facing doubt
Standing up and climbing out
The deepest hole you've
Ever dug


A piece You never sold
You only feel a little cold
And grown so tired
To want and never grow
In delusion of control
The hardest part is
Getting old

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Wave Bye Bye Lyrics

Gin Blossoms – Wave Bye Bye Lyrics

Songwriters: ROBIN WILSON

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