Won't it be a pretty wedding?
Will not Lisa look delightful?
Smiles and tears in plenty shedding--
Which in brides of course is rightful
One could say, if one were spiteful,
Contradiction little dreading,
Her bouquet is simply frightful--
Still, 'twill be a pretty wedding!
Oh, it is a pretty wedding!
Such a pretty, pretty wedding!
If her dress is badly fitting,
Their's the fault who made her trousseau.
If her gloves are always splitting,
Cheap kid gloves, we know, will do so.
If upon her train she stumbled,

On one's train one's always treading.
If her hair is rather tumbled,
Still, 'twill be a pretty wedding!
Such a pretty, pretty wedding!
Here they come, the couple plighted--
On life's journey gaily start them.
Soon to be for aye united,
Till divorce or death shall part them.
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Intro Lyrics

Gilbert And Sullivan – Intro Lyrics

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