This is my pray'are,
My only pray'are
When the night comes
And all is still
On my pillow,
This is my pray'are.
That he will care,
Really will care,
When I need him,
He will be there,
Tho'it be cloudy or fair.
Oh, let him love me
When we kiss let a fire start,
And let him want me
The way that I want him,
With all my heart.
This is my pray'are
My silent pray'are,
All I wish for
On ev'ry star
May his arms be
Never too far,
When I awake
May the day bring,
For my finger
His ring to wear,
This is my pray'are, my pray'are.
This is my pray'are, my pray'are
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This Is My Prayer Lyrics

Gigliola Cinquetti – This Is My Prayer Lyrics