Sometimes love feels like an empty room
It's cold and silent, you got nowhere to go
And sometimes the feeling's over way too soon
'Til you find someone who tells you so
And don't you know, you're my reason for tomorrow
And I need you, now until forever
All my life I've waited for someone like you
Love won't die if we put our hearts together
You and I can make this dream come true
Now until forever
I need you
We thread emotions to be strong enough to withstand all elements of time
When we're together where there's only love
Never felt a heartbeat so close to mine
Don't you know you're my reason for tomorrow
It's our love, a love that lifts us high enough
We can survive any storm, where no one's ever been before
And tomorrow will be brighter now, even yesterday is new
And all our promises ring true, and everything I have, I give to you
Sometimes love feels like an empty room, but now that all seems oh so long ago
Chorus repeats out
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Now Until Forever Lyrics

Giant – Now Until Forever Lyrics

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