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Your Tone Of Voice Says It All Lyrics

GHOSTEMANE – Your Tone Of Voice Says It All Lyrics


You took the very best of me
Now I'm left with the worst
I don't really know where to go now
I just keep hoping that I'll see you in the back of a suburban
Maybe on the highway that we drove
All alone
Through the valley
How the mountains
Looked like home that day
What I wouldn't give to see that face again
You told me it's for the best but I don't believe it
Why does it hurt so fucking much?
I was just fine without you all my life
Now you came into it and I cannot go on
I cannot go on without knowing you feel my pain
Feel my pain
Let me find something to wash what I'm feeling away

I love you so much that it's hurting again
I am the one with my hands on my head, yeah
I am the one that puts you down in beds
You tied me up on a Saturday when
I was afraid that you'd leave me again
My hearts like a sauna
You knew I was desperate
I knew you were reckless
You knew that I liked it
If I couldn't see you again
Know that's not even a thing
I call out to you and I'm dead
I call out to you in a dream
But there's something that's not right
And I cannot name it
It speaks to me at night
A feeling that's nameless
And I...
Know that you can't see me through my pain
Know it's not in me to push you away, yeah
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