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I Was Born In The Wrong Generation Lyrics

GHOSTEMANE – I Was Born In The Wrong Generation Lyrics

[Intro sample: Blondie - Heart of Glass]
Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out had a heart of glass

Sentimental on the microphone on the reala
Thinkin' 'bout the shit I done I should'a done betta
Thinkin' that I know but I don't know betta
No betta than I really know the tip of my Beretta
Always get sick neva really gettin' betta
Sick of the bullshit sick of nice weatha
92 degrees and I'm in a damn sweata
Chick roll up, get lighter than a featha
Baby momma left ya 'cause I bone a lot betta
Started kickin' it with'a till she beggin' for tha chedda
Kick her to tha curb, I don't share my damn skrilla
Don't know about you, I'm a lot betta
Kickin' it alone, gettin cut up like a shredda
Make a bitch cum, give it to me by the liter
Won't clean it up, won't clean it up neither
Smash from the back, that's an onomatopoeia
There's no other way to say what I really wanna say
So I'm gonna keep it plain, it's like this
Most you mothafuckers that I know ain't shit
Can't catch a ride so you ridin' that dick
Separate the ones tryna tell it like it is
From the ones tryna bring a mothafucka down with they ass
Neva trust a mothafucka wearin' skinny jeans down to they knees
Jersey of a team that they never seen
Neva keep it clean, I'm a downright dirty
Abuser of LSD
Run away with a one way ticket to a permanent dream
Don't follow me unless you wanna be free
Bitch that's a joke hoe, ain't nothin' free
Lifetime slave to the G-O-P
G-O-P slave to the G-O-D
I ain't neva seen such a thing so I don't believe

"Cutting down a man who's done nothing wrong. Is that what you've spent all those years honing your skills for?"
"Why I 'oughta!"
"In my opinion you are worthless"
"Screw you, say your prayers!"

La lalala, la la la la lalalila
La lalala, la la la la...

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