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Bermuda Lyrics

GHOSTEMANE – Bermuda Lyrics

(feat. RAMIREZ)

[Verse 1: Ghostemane]
I got a Devil on my shoulder and I'm looking at the other one I'm waiting for an angel
But I'm not gonna wait up on it I know I'll never see one
I just wanna swing swing swing from a tree by my neck now
Rah, rah
Baby, I'm alone and I know nobody will come looking if I went away and never came back
Let me go
Let me go
Let me go call the ether my home
Get the fuck back
Don't attack
Hate me all because of where I'm at
I'm the motherfucker that you all made fun of now you wanna pretend that you never were an enemy befriending me
Help me find a silver lining I cannot
Stop wanting to die without a will to not

[Verse 2: Ramirez]
Welcome to the blood oath
Kill another inside my hands
Take a motherfucker inside of the oven make him understand
Swinging from the tree better rake up all the leaves
Fuck around and leave a body swimming in the fucking sea
Rise from the bottom of the pit
I fell in love with my demons gave em all a kiss
I be the fucking stranger coming straight out the fucking abyss
Put yo fucking name on my motherfucking blacklist
It happens
I am the one that God cannot save
Put me away my demons will slay
Stay in the darkness I’m loving the pain
I’m fighting myself and I’m living it straight
Walking a path completing my sins
Living this world where good guys don't win
Putting my feelings inside of this page
Now don't give a fuck if this my end
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