Throw it up it's time to fight
Look what you've become.

I sit here all alone, the theater's empty.
I'm drowning out my soul, should I let go.
The theaters empty and I'm all alone
I wait for you Should I let Go?

I'm one nerve from killing again, killing again.

I stand here in the crowd
I've got nowhere to go.
I wait for you
I wait for you...
Should I wait or should I go tonight, I feel selfish now.

I back down, I bleed for you.
We back down from the fight.
Save the children and wife.
Spare your time, we back down.

And I stand here all alone, and I wait for you.
And I stand here alone inside, and I wait for you.
I stand here all alone, and I wait for you...
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Pirates Vs Ninjas Lyrics

Ghost Of Maine – Pirates Vs Ninjas Lyrics