What happened to what we were all fighting for?
Did we lose the war?
Or did we just grow up?
What happened to what we would all die for?
Well I'm still dying for,
Sometimes I feel like I'm giving up.
What happened to what we were all crying for?
Well I'm still crying for,
But now my eyes are running dry
What happened to what we were all singing for, screaming for
I'm singing for it still, but now my throat is getting sore.
What happened to you, my brother in arms?
Without you I would've never made it half this far.
What made you decide to close those beautiful eyes,
That once were open so wide?

What happened to the girl you were?
I was in love with her.
But now she's gone, yea, she's gone away.
I'm not complaining it's just that everybody's changing but me-
I'm always staying just the same.
I'm getting sick of paying rent I thought by now wed be through with it.
I thought wed have our own world made.
Is this really all were working for?
I'm not working anymore, but still I'm feeling like a slave!

How many gallons of gasoline am I gonna need?
To get those fires all burning again.
Those fires that burned so bright in your eyes,
Back when you would say that you were just a kid
I'm not trying to bring anyone down,
No matter how it sounds,
That's not what this songs about.
It's just how I'm feeling now, and how I'm worried
About my fires going out.
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Fire Fighter Lyrics

Ghost Mice – Fire Fighter Lyrics