Oh captain, my captain dearest of friends
Lost track of where our adventures begin
All I know is in the end, you’ll always have my back
Back to back, up against the wall
We smashed through like a wrecking ball
Like dominoes we watched them fall
Years have passed and we both disappeared
I feel you drift away
I feel the weight of the world, crashing on me again
I crash. I fall. I feel. It all.
I bear witness to the art of your demise
Anger swells behind my eyes as sorrow reaches from the depths and drops me
To my knees
So this is how your story ends, the silent suffering of my dearest friend
Maybe if I’d reached out you’d know you didn’t have to suffer this
I feel you drift away…
Your suffering will not be in vain
I’ll make sure they all die in your name
Gone now, but at least you are safe
Smiling down as I put them in their graves
Run now, as if you have a chance
Know now, death is in your hands….
Corporations gather, smiling for the feast
As greedy hands clap over our assumed defeat
Lost is our captain, our dearest friend
Rest assured my brother, we are bringing the coming end
Witness the demise of the ones you love most
As we stare into the sun, stare into a ghost
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Night Of Sentinels Lyrics

Ghost Bomb – Night Of Sentinels Lyrics

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