Featuring Mr. Magic

{Magic talking}
In these motherfuckin streets we niggaz learn we call survive
When you beefin you don't kill the fuckin breeders you kill the beefers

{Chorus} x2
We killing off your blood line

Blocka Blocka
You done fucked with the wrong niggaz feelin me Partna

In approximately 5 fucking seconds there's gone be blood she'd
You done crossed the wrong nigga
That's why this 45's pressed against yo fo'head
I'm not de dread I'll fill you with lead for tryin to pushing me
So it's bye bye mista bad guy you fucked for playin pussy
I heard life was like a box of chocolates you never know what you gone get
Well this time you get the fuckin slug in ya bitch
I'm Hollowway gc's the Commission causin havoc
Ready to go to war side by side wit Mr. Magic
Toss the plastic and watch me c*** the hammer back
Each one of these bullets gon put a member of yo family on the mat
You dyin for tryin to shine us in person you bets ta bet
I promise this not a threat I'm gon leave yo blood line wet


I was told that mobsta's don't live a short time (tic tic tic)
So if a nigga disrespect my mind
It's best I kill off his whole blood line
Can't have no 90 if yall growin up retaliatin on me
Sendin his killas after me
Puttin a 100 g's out on me
I say fuck that and kill off his whole mothafuckin family
>From his momma to his daddy from his cousin to is granny
>From his lady to his baby I don't ball up my fist I put out hits
You crossed the wrong niggas so I can fuck?????? Brotha insists
Like this in the type of business I'm in
I can't be losin my fuckin head
To a nigga next to kin
So I flat lined the whole blood line every livin relative
Gots to go when you fuck wit Valario

I gots to X your whole blood line bitch
Grave digga dig the ditch cause I'm pissed
So I got to handle this manless bitch
I can feel when you around cause my trigga finger itch
Empty my clip on yo whole click bitch
You shot my house up I can't believe this
Shit time for foolishness
I want 'em all from the small to the tall
Blind and bald
Great Grandma's Aunt T's in-laws and all
They gots to fall
Kill 'em all in they sleep
Bring yellow tape and white sheets
I'm gon visit yo peeps
So call the carrena
Cause Spade then lost his fuckin mind
Since you fucked wit mine I gotta cut yo blood line


I'm lookin for yo momma to make sure she don't produce no mo
And I want your daddy so I can fuck him wit the barrel of my 4-4
Got such a pretty lil sista she gon scream my name
Please forgive for this act but your son is to blame
He crossed the wrong mothafuckas when he crossed the Commission
You betta kiss 'em and tell 'em bye bye and I know you gon miss 'em
This ain't a robbery it's personal
Now take that mothafucka from Hollowway and Valario
Special request from my nigga Spade
He want a picture of the blood flowin from yo head
I scare the biggest and the baddest
Step up my nigga see if you can handle this
Before I leave I scream Mr. Fuckin magic
And scratch off in my Navigator laughing (Ha ha
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Blood Line Lyrics

Ghetto Commission – Blood Line Lyrics