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Take It Out Lyrics

GessieBOWzY – Take It Out Lyrics

I'm pestilatial niggas
And I flow like da final of destinatial
Today the day of f"ckin hoes.
Kiss my ass now or weap me letter am like poly of goodfelas.
Google me now and guess how love Dr gb is breakin em bunks down.
And am gonna box my way into the future,
Now billboards are blazzarin in the breshore of love, now Dr gb got lovers loving in niggas.
What you gonna do hater am shit by myself.
Now ya'll know gb
Simple means Gessiebowz
Gessie on G's
Hearin' sound on ears
Acting as buldog to bulwark
Protectin' my famaly in dangerzones
Take it out and know dat am lyk bullion in a bullish mood.
Enjoyin summer tym at a Beach with my childhood.
I knw am stil yung,
But I protect my family
At out am a gabble boy (why)
Coz am actin lyk a bogaboo
Easy E's
Gessiebowz is da Gab nigga
5-2-87G code is my name.
All if you hate me, fuck me off.
Coz I knw some you run around hunting gb lyk ama bush rabbit,
I aint never in a bush boy,...
Hey you mof"cker
Here you got me now
You got diz song ryt here you got
So ator now
You made me feel awkward in position
So ator now
And you maf"cker if you want to gabble on me,
I'l call Mr Tycoon to come and Zip ur lips,
So fuck on my way.
Now is tym for G1 maf"cker to f"ck all and obey
You probably fightin without war on "Demolition Club " to show up you are agains us.
Take it out maf"cker and let G1 To rise D-Club (out and out)
Yeah all of you maf'ckers life is a hustler
Somtyms you aint hear what I mean coz am a gabbler
So whn you fuck me,
Am gonna f"ck ur chick.
Whn you hit cry, you u'l cry twice
Am flowin from D-club maf"cker you aint tell me a shit
I enter street to street and I make them hoes hubbub
Am movin' on a speed bt I make em hoes wobble.
Wobblin' ass lyk a tall tree in da windy day
Sayin Gessiebowz gessiebowz 5-2-87Gessie rising Demo-Club
Dancing lyk happy pussy,
Life is a bitch maf"ckers lyk me thy are wor-be-gone
Yeah dey are worbegone on their own
Coz hoes hubbub wobble sayin Bowzy Bowzy and am Bouncing down in da hood,
What you gonna do nigga is Gesbowz from D-Club
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