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Anyone But You Lyrics

Geraldine Quinn – Anyone But You Lyrics

I'm sorry I hurt you
I didn't mean to make you cry
Even when I've got the best intentions
Sometimes I always find the wrong thing to say
But I'll change my ways
This time I mean it
You know this time I really will
I'll do what I can to be a better woman
But I can't do it alone
Something I wanted you to know

It's all your fault cause you never do exactly what I say
How do you expect us to make it work when you don't do everything my way?
You should be more good to me
Then I wouldn't have to break so much crockery
If you're confused, let me give you a clue
We wouldn't have a problem if you were anyone but you

Well, how can you be so selfish?
You know I just don't understand how you can say I'm unkind
When you you don't have the decency to read my mind
So I tap your phone and when you're not home I rifle through your drawers
It's my way of showing I'm yours

It's all your fault, can't you see that baby, it's not me at all
I wouldn't have to moan if you lost three stone and your family didn't drive me up the wall
Is it such a chore for you to close the door on
Everyone you care about who I find boring?
Did I say anything to hurt you?
You wouldn't be so touchy if you were anyone but you

It's in your nature, it's elementary
When I insist you end with all your female friends
Why do you take it personally?
I don't assume it's only you
It's also everything you say and think and do
You know our love will always be true
But it'd be more verifiable if it was with anyone but you

Can't you be
Can't you be
Is it so hard to be
Anyone but you?
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