I pretend to be asleep but I know that you hear me cry
I know you listen outside my door but all you do is pass by
It’s like you ignore my call for you when I need you the most
I don’t know what to believe cause it’s like you don’t care at all

I’m not strong enough, to fight this on my own
I’m not brave enough to take this on alone
Somebody help me (somebody help me)
I’m falling to my knees (falling to my knees)
I’m begging you please, to save me cause I’m falling

I’ve been saying I’m fine when I am locked up in my room
But the truth is I’m not and all I’ve done is lie to you
You might think I’m crazy but I think that I’m just fine
But I could be wrong as it’s been going on a while


Right into the unknown, and I’m all alone
There’s no one here to guide me
It’s dark and so damn cold, but I’m trying to hold on
And you can laugh as much as you want to

Could somebody help me, it’s driving me crazy
I’m falling in too deep and I’m crashing to my knees


I’m falling x2
I’ve fallen
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Falling Lyrics

Georgie Chard – Falling Lyrics

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