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I'm Not Perfect Lyrics

Georgie B. April Bamber – I'm Not Perfect Lyrics

All these dislikes,
Are making me cry,
I dont want this to turn into a fight

Why so much hate
I'm trying to be great
And now you're making fun of all the songs that i create

Lights camera action meant alot to me,
And now your just stood there being mean
What did I ever do to you
To me you're just a piece of poo

And now you make fun of my socks and my crocks
I never heard you but now you just mock
Stop p***g me off,
Stop making me feel bad
Cause if im being honest it makes me feel sad


[april bamber rapping verse]
Huh, I felt rough and I felt tough
But you really got me through
You brought me down to the ground

Og guess who's little now
I'm gonna fight for my life

I dont put up with a hater
Drifting and drifting
Away from your soul
You really wanna fight
You better make it whole


G : what the hell did you just say
A : You're a terrible singer anyway
G : Could you do any better , I'll take that as a no
A : Better than you'll ever do, I'm so much greater so
G : Oh my god I cant believe what comes out of your fat trap
A : I hate what you say just go and take a nap
G : it will save me from you so kiss my ass

You push me down on the floor
Then you call me poor

[CHORUS] (x3)

{george and April ]
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