I turn to you you turn away saying we've lost that love thing
You say the flame I had for you is gone from my eyes
Say what you want say what you will words don't prove nothing
But baby kisses don't lie
Every time your lips touch mine it's crazy
Can't you feel my heartbeat come alive
Sometimes words won't do so if you want the truth
Baby kisses don't lie oh baby kisses don't lie
[ guitar ]
When we're side by side when we're face to face wach kiss will prove it
When I'm holding you and you're holding me yyou'll know that it's right
If my lips grew cold if my lips grew weak you'd see right through it
Cause baby kisses don't lie
Every time your lips touch mine...
No baby kisses don't lie
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Kisses Don't Lie Lyrics

George Ducas – Kisses Don't Lie Lyrics

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