Firefly a breakthrough
Translucent siren blare
Tear a flare with sunlight
Running the razor’s edge

Thunderbolt electric
It made a violin
Marshmallow eccentric
We’re underneath your skin

Redesign your motion
And let your body spin
Show me your emotion
Exhale and soak it in

Silver sky a laser
Reach out and taste the pain
Haze a pray a phaser
You’ll never be the same

It’s are. E. M. - I can’t weep
Becoming restless I can’t sleep
If I could do it all A. M.

If I could do it all, do it all again
If I could do it all, do it all again

If I could do it all, do it all Amen

I’m on the freeway
I want the leeway -nothing that’ll
Flick to the honed of the homed-of-the-street way
Laughter will ever after transpire to be
The lost of the legislated shaft of the
Bells of parlay, killing the troops of the day
Yeah - “the land of the free and the home of the brave”
They’re singing

Overdrive the freedom
We’re holding up the freeze
Tear a flare with sunlight
We’re dragging down the keys

Thunderbolt electric
Revive hysteria
Resurrect the hectic
I’ve got insomnia
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Insomnia Lyrics

George Barnett – Insomnia Lyrics