What you really bargain for
You nuh think about the children of tomorrow
Tell me what you searching for
You got to stay humble and Babylon it a crumble

I live my life as a humble man
Nuh try fi do no wrong
But all the good that I can
I'm inspired by the higher one
The only one
And that is my tradition
Gunshot round the corner it a echo a echo
The cowboy over ya so with him lasso him lasso
The rootsman over deh so nuh go leggo nuh leggo
Know she that him life it couldn't go so


I trod daily pon the frontline
And I still see sign of memories left behind
Keep my faith and I meditate
I penetrate mount zion gate
No matter what dem a do no matter what dem a say
Me hafi keep moving on pon the righteous way
No matter how dem a try spy
I no matter how me keep moving on
And bun dem system every day

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Children Of Tomorrow Lyrics

Gentleman – Children Of Tomorrow Lyrics

Songwriters: Engin Roger Altinkamis, Balfour Constantine Bailey, Markus Latz, Tilmann Otto
Children Of Tomorrow lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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