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Endless Waltz Lyrics

Gem Illustrisimo – Endless Waltz Lyrics

Baby you know how much I love you
And you know how much i care for you
But even of that still I can't
Say I promise here in your heart

Because baby i'm afraid
That this feelings of mine will fade
Some say that "promises are made to be broken"
It'll just fly and won't back like raven

But (and) Baby don't cry
Come to me and i'll hug you tight
This is not yet the end
You bare that in your mind
(Enless waltz)

Because if i have the authority
To control our mortality
I'd rather choose the eternity
And stay with you in infinity

[Refrain 2:]
Dance with you in front of Zeos
Until the end of endless Waltz

[Repeat Chorus]
Refrain 1 exept last 2 lines


[Repeat chorus 2x]
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