It seems so long
(Its fucking cold out here)
It seems so long

Picture me bumming in the cold
Nobody knows about my where abouts
Cuz they can give a fuck when I'm broke.
Lonely in boredom, I'm skiing off this coke that I'm snorting
Now it's the morning, waking up it's rush hour the train is boarding.

Seeing corporate people go to work
Grown parents, high manners, (man)
I wish I was set with the same standards
An advantage in this life,
Instead I'm just living trife...
Doing what I gotta do even though
I know it ain't right.

In my heart it's fucked up
In my mind it seems right
Praying for the better as I nap every night
It's like... Where am I going?
When there's nothing that's showing

I said it. Now bold it.
I'm searching for the treasure that's golden
Now when I approach it I'll notice
Break bread with the ones that's closest
Some of them are real but majority is bogus

Hold it... I'm facing facts, (What I give)...
Won't take it back... (What you are)
Erase the act... (What you want)
Is none of that.

It's all survival in my jungle
Rivals wanna rumble
& kill you if they want to,
They call it real.

My steaks are high, but this life is low... Looking for a place to go
It's cold and I'm hungry
But I'm a quarter broke
I'm so fearless,
Surrounded by blinded mirrors
Dying, crying out for the help
But, who really hears us?
I move in thoughts of what It means first
& keep dreaming. But if nothing really Happens - What's my dream worth?

I'm seen first in a neighborhood
Near you, smoking on the same thing
& drinking on a beer too
The story's uncut trying to get my luck up
I'm nothing more to these streets
Then a neighborhood fuck up.

Who's trynna rap now
Never been known to back down
Who sleeps in a box on the corner, rite by the crack vile's.

It sounds foul, but I got high hopes... It's you and I... So just hope I die first...
So Long.
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Seems So Long Lyrics

Gee Dubs – Seems So Long Lyrics

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