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Reila (English Translation) Lyrics

the GazettE – Reila (English Translation) Lyrics


Since I've met you, how many of the same wounds have I sustained? How many have supported me?
I wanted you to tell only me when you were hurting instead of anyone else
The truth is burned into my eyes What are you, immobolized by silence, thinking?
I don't need a reason If only you return her to me [1]

How much more are you who has become nothing
Hurting than me who has been left behind
Although nothing had started yet
Although I still hadn't said [2] these words to you

Even if I try to call out your name
This voice does not reach you...
Open your eyes And laugh to show me that it's all a lie...

Lets go somewhere tomorrow If it's somewhere that you wish for
I'll go there no matter where it is

You were always like that As far as I can remember
You were going off to somewhere
Once again you've left me behind and ran off by yourself
I can't reach you anymore I can't reach you anymore
Although I had finally met up with you
Everything that I had held inside of me overflowed
Became tears and spilled out

These words that I couldn't say
I sing them to you now and here
I love you more than anyone else
I love you. I love you...

The room that the two of us were in Is still the way it was
I don't lock the door So that you can come home any time
I'm always waiting for you Even though I know [3]
I still can see your figure as you open the door

Tomorrow, you'll surely come home right?
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