Perhaps you've noticed something strange I've found
You're absolutely I can't help but fall around
If you look around the park do you hear those little sounds
The quiet screaming and the lonely laughter falling down

Kneeling in the sidewalk there's a pain behind the curse
Reeling in the aftershock, I can't help it
Its only getting worse

I need to tell you what I heard the other day
They're painting over us and digging up our graves
If I try to shut the screaming out the laughter starts again
I hate to put the fires down while I'm drowning in the flame

I'll be leaving in the morning got to try to she'd this curse
I can't leave behind the ringing in my ears
It's only getting worse.....

They've got me speaking all their words
Singing all their songs
I guess they'll have me writing all their wrongs

They've got me speaking all their songs
Singing all their words
I can't help it if it's only getting worse
Its only getting worse...
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You're Absolutely Lyrics

Gas Giants – You're Absolutely Lyrics