It's been so long now
Since I've been back home
Damn this noise and damn these clowns
Gotta get my ass back on the road

I'm tired of playing these songs
Seems all by myself
Cause when it comes to making it
They can keep their shit on the shelf

Cause it's a long long long way back home
It's a long long long way back home

Mama said boy keep that dream alive
One day those other are really gonna realize
So today I pack my gear and step back on that bus
To leave these fools one more time and give it one last push


So tonight I'm in Nashville in the back on a long limousine
People snappin my picture, craziest thing I've ever seen
So I'm going to say this to you, one last time
Just mind your own damn business and stay the hell out of mine

Chorus x 2
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Long Way Back Home Lyrics

Gary Bonnett – Long Way Back Home Lyrics