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Serious Heavy Drama Lyrics

Garrison – Serious Heavy Drama Lyrics

Spent a lifetime making plans for the moment when your mouth would part and fail.
Saw one chance to change and see through all the half-steps that I'd taken tally up.
I'm sick of failing.
Just though that this might be going somewhere, not on your life.
And you thought that I'd give up so easy like nothing we'd said would have mattered.
Just thought that this might be what you wanted.
The last time to pay what's due.
This last time I see you ending expected a movement of blank stares

Just cross this line and I'm through.
Night air pulls through one more summer.
When did life become a playback tape?
Left out lines from text left over for someone
To erase in twenty (thirty years at best) would get you inside
Of some photograph without a name. It's not you that lasts,
It's how you change and learn to struggle for what you wanted.
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