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Eyes Closed Lyrics

Garden Variety – Eyes Closed Lyrics

I took a trip downtown
Anytown, U.S.A.
Lots of people looking like
Somewhere along the line
They lost their way
All their possessions piled
High in a shopping cart
I look the other way I don't
Want to feel the pain
My heart's not made of
Stone if I don't see then I
Don't know
I wonder if I'm better off
With my eyes closed
I turn on NPR never mind
I think I heart that before
Some new crisis coming
Down or some new war
It's an ugly mess it's a
Crazy scene but hey it
Don't affect me
It can't hurt me it can't find
Me shut it off and don't
Remind me
I don't care because
I am unaware
I wonder if I'm better off with
My eyes closed
I'm so happy here I'm snug
And cozy in my nest
Soup's on the shades are
Drawn and I'm in bliss
My music washes over
Me and I feel fine
I shut the door to save
My mind I shut the door
On humankind
I shut it out and I turned
Away I'm just afraid like everybody else
I wonder if I'm better off
With my eyes closed
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