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Sic Lyrics

Ganksta N-I-P – Sic Lyrics

Picture a room full of candles, it's dark inside
Newspaper clippins on the wall from victims that died
Blood everywhere
You can tell the psych be through
He had darts in their faces up to number fifty two
Stalking niggas, Tec-9 stays handy
He would sit inside the park and laugh and give kids candy
People say he was weird, his mother I'll is in the clip
He always scratched off people names those ones that he killed
Real slow
Psych torture style, pass me the scissors, uh
And cut off microscopic pieces of a mirror
Out of stomachly
You can tell the spinal was crumbled
By the gestures that they made and the words that they mumbled
Shit like Nip
Don't do it
It's already dead
And if his beef is too tight? Child in their head
You got this nigga fucked up
Ganksta Nip is so bold
You make him mad, he? That
You watch him run through a house hall, it's sic

Uh, Rap-A-Lot, Compound, these niggas
They sic, uh
Scarface, uh
This nigga is sic, uh
Big Chief, Lil J, uh
My niggas sic, uh

Psyc Ward mercenary
Stay on them ready
It takes practice, much training to keep a nail gun steady
When it clicks it thrills deep
His blood finna sip
And bring a hundred thousand mourners and children to weep
In my slaughterhouse we catch you and beat you
Mutilation plus bacteria that straight cats hit you
You can bet that he's full of healthy humans and mice
Kinda looking like a fleshy big pot full of rice
When you stare it up
Watch this stiff, a terrible smell
I walk around with a sign, say? I got gumble to sell
Big balls
Cause more than you eat every beating
People ask me what ingredients
I put it in this shit
? It's to meat?
Child beef different animals look
And you can bet his heart came out an insane cook book now I
Gotcha hook
They crowed, they?
Makes my food with human flesh like the chinese? Dude?
This boy is sic

Uh, South side North side East side West side this boy's sic, uh
H-Town in the house
Bushwick that boy's sic, uh
It don't' stop
Master P, Shack: them boys sic
Lakewood for the track, Le Roy
Them muthafuckin' nigga sic
They quick to kill
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