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Crimewave Lyrics

Ganksta N-I-P – Crimewave Lyrics

[Chorus x4]
"It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder
Why I live so wild"
"Here's what they think about cha"

Proceed with caution, take heed
The cops are always tryin to make a young playa bleed
So wet them motherfuckers cause they do talk shit
We been gettin slaughtered, so Rodney King whaddant new bitch
Devil, watch the Psych get nifty
Make no mistake it was a reflection of the sixties
That when niggaz got beat down in the slavery days
But now in '96 we call it bravery days, check it out
So many motherfuckin murders and jacks and
So many motherfuckin burglars with gats man
Hell town, call it horrible Houston figure
Space shuttle blew up busta nasa got the money nigga
What's really happenin' fool, the youth don't mean shit
"Why does the devil lie?" It means the truth don't mean shit
The media molds us, the government controls
The judge and jury, plus the jail house holds us
Much love for my niggaz that's been locked for a long crime
G la ma B. C. Been locked for a long time
Ganksta nip a brother that's known to be hype though
When I die, I'm goin out shootin a cop and goin out like a psycho
In this crimewave


Life is a jungle I'm ready to slaughter
You see this bitch, don't let her kids sink in the water
I give a shot to the battered lives
I give a shot to the battered wifes
There's a picture in my mind of some niggaz that mob
There's a picture in my mind of banks gettin robbed
Ok I'll start lootin at the Shrubstown Mall
You got some money cause I just don't close my Audi y'all
Yellow tape wasn't enough for the red line
Nigga hide that banana clip to the ak you know it's fed time
If you shoot a devil, would you keep steppin?
They couldn't convit you if they couldn't find the murder weapon
A stolen car, plus the music is gone
Dark black 'Lac tight white interior, car phone
Drop top bumper kid plus fifth wheel grill
Surround by sound wasn't handy Randy sing a song his ass got killed
So make the devil respect us
The same thing that happened in L. A. Is gonna happen in Texas
Punk nigga let me start this shit
Flip the script, psycho nip, conjur Moses here to part this bitch
Against the psych situation is no win
Peter Jennings, have you ever had a nigga kick yo door in
Schools in white hoods, are so so big
But schools in the black hoods, man look what they did
But in reality I'm really goin crazy
Food stamps and recards, they makin us lazy
Cities are bein ripped these soldiers are brave
And pray to God that I would not become a victim of this crimewave


Some niggaz sell dope to support their child
Some niggaz sell dope to support their material style
Across the street I heard a vicious hollar
Two people murdered for under less than a hundred dollars
I heard the cops been actin' a fool around the way
Jump out boys hit seven houses in one day
In South Park we keep they ass in suspense
Time you see 5-O you time another nigga hittin the fence
Back in the days she gave the busta spark
Stupid motherfucker didn't know he robbed Rosa Parks
Check game devil, what is you hawkin about
Harriet Tubman freed the slaves so what the fuck is you talkin 'bout
Psychotic rapper let me show you how to be
It's beats like this that bring the psych shit outta me
Shit, peep ya boy as I come from the heart
David Copperfield could not perform the bullshit tricks in South Park
Then you know about the Psych Ward, the sinister legion
Billboard rap artist the southwest region is bein
Takin over by a genius crock
The people are in a trance the crime rate won't drop
Nigga until the cops drop


The crimewave won't stop until everybody drop
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Songwriters: Angelo Bond, Curtis James Jackson, William Henry Weatherspoon
Crimewave lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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