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I wanna smoke Red...

rum animosity And

I wanna chief I...

wanna smoke And...

we gonna do it like this [Gangsta

Pat] I

gotta hunger for that chronic flow through my chest I

need it daily and I'm jumpy without no sess I

like that lime green wrapped up tightly in a blunt And

whenever there'sa drought I'm steady on a hunt I

hit my hood feelin good I done found a sack I

get a pint of yak and party till' I'm layed back Call

up my click and have a smoke out it's on again I

chased that bud with that yak and let it do me in If

it's a sin then I hope the lord will understand I

gotta chief until I choke cause that's my daily plain Cause

I'm that all-mighty chiefer ain't nothin sweeter Than

the smell of skunk infested reefer I'ma, believer I

gots to be the first to light it up and take a pull Steadily

inhalin all I can makin my lungs full I

got to pass it when I choke that love ain't no joke It's

hard to cope without that aink Cause

I just gots to smoke (chorus!...

girl: rp2x) And

I wanna smoke (I wanna smoke) And

I wanna smoke (I wanna smoke) I

wanna chief And

I wanna smoke (I wanna smoke) And

I wanna smoke [Gangsta

Pat] That

can of Mrs Chiefer. gives me that vibe Of

the tribe I'm, the head chiefer I

love that reefer in my system it, relieves my pain And

I'm aware that it's doin damage to my brain But

I don't care I, like chillin wit my eyes redd Wit

chronic leaves steadily dancin all around my head I

got the munchies & I'm; tripin off of everything I see High

as I kite steadily rollin up a swisher sweet Sack

after sack I'm, chiefin back to back Remove

them seeds I, constantly be havin aink attack Cause

it's a need I, can't help it I'm a fiend in love Hooked

on that aink and I be floatin to the skies above Smokin

blink it helps me think it, helps me feel at ease It

keeps me calm I be spendin almost all my cheese I

need that bomb in my chest I love that cess It

ain't no joke I can't cope unless I got that dope I

wanna smoke (chorus!...

girl: rp2x) [Gangsta

Pat] I

like to smoke my endo and get so high I

blow weed like I'm going crazy don't ask me why I

can't explain it I'm, so addicted I'm

deep in love wit that chronic it keeps me wicked I'm

hooked on bud I, be fiendin every time I'm sober About

to die I be lovin when my g's come over And

get me high as a mink coat Just

let the aink float through the sky When

I be smokin I can feel my throat gettin dry I

can't deny I got plenty problems But

only swishers and a fat sack can help me solve 'em I

ain't the one to be without that all-might gaunja It

ain't no solitary doubt that I must feed my hunger Like

Stevie Wonder I can't see into another day Espicially

if I gotta face that day without no hay It

ain't no way I gots to have it that's on the real That

ain't no joke so fry it up And

pass it through the field I wanna smoke (chorus

till end)
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I Wanna Smoke Lyrics

Gangsta Pat – I Wanna Smoke Lyrics

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