Featuring Branford Marsalis (instrumentally only)
* original version appeared on the "Mo' Better Blues" soundtrack
"I would like to play a.. little tune I just composed not so long ago"
"Ms. Billie, Ms. Billie, Ms. Billie Holiday"
*drum roll* *piano keys played*
"Byrd..?" *trumpet solo* *group horns*
"The music called jazz.." -> Guru
It's roots are in the sounds of the African
Or should I say the mother.. Bringin us back again
From the drummin on the Congo, we came with a strong flow
And continue to grow
Feet move, to the beat of the t'balo
Now dig the story and follow
For then it landed, on American soil
Through the sweat, the blood, and the toil
Hear, "Praise the Lord," shouted on chain gangs
Pain they felt, but it helped them to maintain
Scott Joplin's rags, Bessie Smith's blues
St. Louis blues, they were all the news
Ringin smooth.. In all the listeners ears
Fulfillin the needs, and plantin the seeds
Of a jazz thing
King Oliver's group was a train comin through
To Chicago, bringin the New Orleans groove
And when Satchmo blew, the audience knew
Basil Street blues was the whole house tune
It was music.. Great to dance to
Great to romance to with a lot to say to you
Relaying a message, revealing the essence
Of a jazz thing
* dj Premier cuts "jazz music" *
In the 40's came be-bop, the first be-bop
The real be-bop, so let me talk about
Diz' and Byrd, givin the word
Defining how a beat could be so complete
Playing with ferocity, thinkin with velocity
About ornathology, or anthropology
And even?, and this is real history
Theolonious Monk, a melodious th
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Jazz Thing Lyrics

Gang Starr – Jazz Thing Lyrics

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