Gangstarr's*"Who's Gonna Take the Weight "?plays in the background [Guru]*

like a, friendship and, a business partnership And
we, have to always be concious of the difference Between
em because; y'know some, things can happen That'll
ruin one or the other so, We
alwa-we always stay concious of those things Those
obstacles that can y'know, trip us up Because
we ain't trying to go out like that Primo

*scratching fades in gradually "friends""business"*
(repeat 3X) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrahhahhh

M! are**********Yeah! Gangstarr! ...
Gangstarr! M! O. P. Ghetto.
people [Guru]!

you're supposed to be my man but, you ain't wise enough to realize This
is B I. see., I wanna taste the whole cake Some
things in this industry s, titbe so fake Make
no mistake if, you're my man you'd understand About
the plan to, stack hundreds of grands (That's right )!And
how to stand on, much more acres of land And
to expand from the days of goin hand to hand So
like I was ceo I do my thing son And
turn this underground rap thing to my kingdom Release
a fistful of, rhymes for the fiscal year Mc's
are wishful fuckin with this here They
stuck with the tear for, fear they foresake a brother's love It's
clear -- I'd have to be the better man I'm thinkin The
7th Letter Man ain't got no time for petty speakin (uhh) So
we go our seperate ways I see the fork in the road I
know I blessed you with a portion of gold And
some good fortune to hold so, keep that While
I keep it movin just, like truckloads Of
interstate cargo taxin, ni z***like you S. Embargoes. You
my man like I said so all the best You
shoulda known we do s titdifferently than all of the rest Can't
afford to let a link be loose, in the chain It's
time for us to get mad more juice, in the game You're
buggin son (that's right) that's word to Billy and Fame So
I'ma stay the game that, we play to win (Yeah )!So
I don't care what you say to her or say to him The
object son is, to excel and lead And
ni z***be bluffin fallin for nothin but greed Chorus

M: O. P. And. Guru [M

O. P. ]'s animosity [Guru]Let
me know [M
O. P. ] plottin to stop my dough [Lil'
Fame]Time to go [M!
O. P. ]Gangstarr.M, O. P. N. anus[Billy
Danze]Tryin to blow [M!
O. P. ] my man you could understand Repeat!
*2X [Lil'*

Fame] I'm
true to myself y'all and, I'm a down a n** anusSo!
don't fool yourself clown, a n** anusI!
always been the type of cat that'll put it on ya Since
back in the days when Laze snatched me off the corner And
every since then the, whole game changed Everybody's
against Lil', a Fame** They
wanna see me stretched out with my back smokin Left
for dead in the street with my back opened So
I don't keep friends I just roll with Ni
z***I was raised with went, out in a blaze with In
the penile to, B Ville. down, to Grayson And
we thick together in, these last days kid So
I don't have what you call friends Cause
when it's on then they gone in the end But!
I'ma handle my business indeed Cause
ni z***be bluffin fallin for nothin but greed Chorus!


Danze] Hey
yo what happened to the love soldier It? never crossed my mind That
you would doubt my love inside and test my pride I
divide anything, that I got With
my M O. P. Staff. -- we all and we out To!
the First Family loyalty is, no game We
them type of ni z***that money, won't change We
all aim for, the big picture But
to me it don't mean s titif your dogs ain't witcha I
sacrifice my main arteries -- why n anusAin't?!
nobody never loved me like, my ni z***See
my business is my friendship and my friendship is my business Can
I get a witness (Preach?! on n anus)!Hey
yo we went through all out wars half-assed, tours Travelled
'cross this land with heavy contraband (See
you my man )!And you ain't never got to Second
guess or question the love of William Danze (Sho' nuff )!I
am invaluable to, my ni z***Cause
they all rest there in thirty-two -- better than nothin Think!
of William when they start bustin I, hold you down (When
them body parts pop up cousin) I'll be around "friends""business"!

(repeat 6X to fade)
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B.I. Vs. Friendship Lyrics

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