Music & lyrics: Hansen, Wessel
So now we talk about destruction
'bout the way that we might go
I've seen the headlines in the papers,
The truth is more thatn we should know.
Somebody waek me from this nightmare,
Is this a tv horror show?
We can run and we can walk
We can sit and we can talk.
But we won't stop the war - oh no!
Silent whispers in the ice-machine today
Calling for my brain in silent ways,
No more changes in this world in which we live in
And I don't know who the guy is
Who's talking with the friendly grin.
I never heard of any bargain
I don't know what's goin' on
It doesn't matter anyway
We won't stop the war - oh no!
Somewhere - I might go insane
Somehow - I might lose my brain
Somehow - I might even care
And somehow - I never ever will accept the way
That things are going
We can rund and we can walk
We can sit and ewe can talk
We won't sttop the war.
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(We Won't) Stop The War Lyrics

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