For too long I was weak
Too weak to find my feet
I tried to hold it all inside
So you'd never realise
For too long I believed
That you were good for me, I closed my mind to other possibilities
You tried to out my fire(yes you did yes you did) And took control of me
Maybe I was just too scared
And maybe what you're looking for is gone
'Cause baby I,
Well people say I've changed, yes I don't feel the same, they say I have a glow
It's all because you're gone
It's Independence Day
Now I've found my way
I don't need your love to prove that I'm somebody
Maybe I was just too scared
And maybe what you're
Looking for is gone
'Cause baby I,

I learned to love myself
I don't need no-one else
Oh baby can't you see that
I don't need your chains around me
You said that this was love
It was just too much
I needed to be free
Your kind of love was killing me
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Independence Day Lyrics

Gabrielle – Independence Day Lyrics

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