I like soda pop
I like cough drop
Like chicken lo mein
I'm the main dish
The main man
Wild west
Smooth as swiss
Gimme a kiss 'cause I like it
I like it like this
Oh I like it like that
A hit from the bat
I walk like a dog
Cool like a cat
I'm dressin' kind of funny
Spendin' my money
That girl got the junk
But love got drunk

I like to work 'em
I like to jump 'em? ??
I never never never find some? ??
?? ?
?? ?
Well earl couldn't leave the camera? ??
But still wants some more
?? ?
?? ?
Although I might forget
Oh gooo gaa gaa

I have the night before
She said I snore
But I'm too busy sleeping
I'm too busy sleeping sleeping
Keeping? ??
?? ?
That grates on my brain? ??

Drop the bomb? ??
Drop the bomb
Drop the bomb
I got the long legs
The long car
A long time to keep a satisfyin'
When? ??
I glide like a trolley
Flow like a leaf
I fall like a feather
But find no relief into action
Well I'm cashin'
Well I forgot your name baby
And that's why I'm askin'
Whoah whoah whoah
Now I know where I stand
Above reality? ??
Sometimes I gotta settle down
With a comic book
And a soda pop
And a soda pop
Lemon soda pop
Hey thanks a lot
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Soda Pop Lyrics

G. Love & Special Sauce – Soda Pop Lyrics

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