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Where I Reside Lyrics

G Herbo – Where I Reside Lyrics


Drug raids, conspiracies, murders, homicides
Mommas cryin', that's was going down where I reside
Fuck the opps, they can't come outside
We let off shots every time they come outside
And if you looking for G Herbo, I bet I'm outside
You niggas rap about respect, well I'mma die 'bout mine
7-9, Roc Block, that's where I reside
Seen a lot of niggas die, but I'm not traumatized

[Verse 1]
Catch G Herbo on the 8 Block with a whole lot of savages
Lil' cuz in the cut posted, toting .30s and the Mac and shit
Bet not ride through, if we don't know you cuz poppin' out and he clappin' shit
Lil cuz only 16, really with the shits and he ain't average
Run up on you with the Glocks, send a couple shots, oso accurate
Spin again around the block, empty out the Glock, ain't nobody miss
And free Lil Mally, you know that's my lil' bro, he my other shooter
Mad Max, that's my big bro, you know Lil Merch'll do you?
I'm a Robin, Truey fiend, Gucci, Louis fiend, Herbo do his thing
All my jewelry, hundreds in my pocket, broke boy, miss me with the foolery
If you ain't No Limit, you can't cool with me
And I'm that nigga, I been fuckin' bitches sayin' they went to school with me
Catchin' feelings, that ain't got nothing to do with me


Verse [2]
A lot of niggas actin' funny now cause I'm getting money now
Just cause all my niggas countin' hundreds now, niggas wanna come around
I don't fuck with niggas, only with my 10 year niggas, them No Limit niggas
We 150, gotta keep em with me, cause for me they'll kill a nigga
When I'm in my shows, bitches run up on me soon as I hit the scene
Pourin' up a sixth of lean, smoking dope, sippin' drinks
Ferragamo belt hold up 20 racks stuffed in my denim jeans
And when I ride off, Glock 40 sitting on my lap with the beam
All these drugs that I'm off, I really need to quit
Off the shits right now, I call Maneski, I'll tell him bring a zip
I make money outta state, take it to the store or put it on the strip
And we ain't fuckin' with the jakes
Snatch us up, bet you we don't remember shit

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