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Play It Smart Lyrics

G Herbo – Play It Smart Lyrics

[Intro: Herb]
There's a million downfalls in this shit nigga
Just keep your head up

[Hook: Herb & Jace]
Listen homie, if you gotta go this way about it
Just be smart and know it's a different way about it
Put your game plan together and go play about it
And when that shit get real, just make your way up out it

Youngin' play ya part, know your role, guard your heart
Stay away from the ratchet ass hoes and the narcs
If you gotta keep the ratchet, only show it when you sparkin'
If you riding in the whip keep that shit in your compartment

[Verse 1: Herb]
You wanna be a hustla, wanna be a menace, nigga?
Better listen from the start to the finish, nigga
You see them clowns put they business on pictures, nigga?
Watch how they gon' have a record like Guinness, nigga
But listen though, fuck that other shit, just get the dough
Stay to yourself and always treat the hoes like the ho
Don't underestimate them, treat the pros like the pro
It's some heavies in this game that took their fate to lames
Don't be out here chasing gangs, just stay in your lane
And no such thing as day ones cause niggas ain't the same
Don't ever fold once shit hits you, gotta take the pain
And pay attention to who's with you when that paper fade


[Verse 2: Jace]
Listen nine, only roll your pint in the crib
If they get you and yo niggas, ain't no snitch up, do the bid
Hold it down, grow your mind, do the time, make it big
Play it safe, never wild, you got a fucking life to live
Get the Audi cuz it's classy, get yo lady friend a Benz
Only smoke it if it's gas, you way too grown for mid
You gotta make something shake young nigga
Get it in, only love her if you trust her
But be cautious even then
Stay on top of all your taxes, IRS, they don't be playin
Don't you ever make a move and let that money in yo hand
Be good to all your peoples, boss up be a man
And if you ever need advice, you can hit my line again

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